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Mulberry paper strips

Springtime in the Rockies

So often the spring equinox in Colorado arrives cold and gray. This year, however, the first day of spring was a time for celebration. Why? Because it really felt like spring! It was warm and sunny with hardly any wind....

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Following the headlights

There is a certain energy in the creative process that cannot be explained in words, "Bolt From The Blue" Detaileven by the creator. This is why Instagram is an ideal way for me to communicate the process of what I do in the studio through...

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PJ Bergin's Studio

A place to inspire

When I'm not putting my Joomchi collages together in the studio, I read all sorts of books and articles about other artists and how they practice their art. One detail I noticed is there are many who work in a solitary fashion, just like I do....

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A feast for the eyes

When describing my artwork, I often use the words texture, sculptural, fusing and color. One word I usually leave out is collage. Yet that's really what all of my Joomchi artwork is: an assemblage of different papers....

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Korean Tapestry

Different approach, similar results

This year is the centenary of the birth of composer Leonard Bernstein. Even if you aren't a fan of classical music (the genre where he built most of his fame), his “West Side Story” composition is a universal favorite. I cut my clothing design teeth...

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Keeping my brain fresh … and having fun

For the past few years I’ve kept August as my “do something different” month. Last year I spent a week with a Master Asian Calligrapher. This year I decided to make several small (12" x 12") artworks in anticipation of the Salida Studio Tour coming...

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Moving On

Moving on

I always chuckle when I hear about reading lists for those “lazy days” of summer. For me, summer activity seems to ramp up more than ever in the studio, my personal life and in the garden. Who has time to read?!...

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Titling artwork: help or hindrance?

When I first started working with mulberry paper, I made the conscious decision to number the finished pieces rather than giving them titles. I wanted to let viewers reach their own conclusions about the artwork in front of them. It is “abstract expressionism" after all...

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Inspiration and validation

If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember the images I posted of a two-day workshop in Santa Fe. There I learned new techniques for fusing papers, as well as the nuances of encaustics....

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