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PJ Bergin – Studio 126

PJ Bergin is passionate about creating artwork from natural materials that transform interior spaces.  Recently, PJ began to develop the “joomchi” technique, an ancient art form from Korea, using mulberry paper.  The mulberry paper (hanji) can be hand formed into 3-dimensional, sculptural objects and intricate wall pieces when water is applied. This exploration of texture and 3 dimensional qualities is essential to PJ’s artwork and its visual presence.

You’re invited to my summer receptions:

June 1 – August 31, 2017
Pinon Real Estate Gallery
201 F St., Salida, CO

Opening Receptions:
June 23 & 24th, 5-7 PM

August 4 – 26, 2017
The Art Center of Western Colorado
1803 N. 7th St., Grand Junction, CO

Opening Reception:
August 4th, 5-7 PM

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“We celebrate the mulberry paper pieces. They are provocative and beautiful. We are fans!”



In today’s world, how can we create an environment that will help us achieve our goals both personal and professional?

Original artwork can be used as a key element to develop this type of creative space. Art is no longer a symbol of status, but a tool to inspire. By having artwork in our environment, we are able to see the world from a different outlook as the artist created his vision. This interpretation can help us approach our daily life and its challenges in a new, more creative way. From this perspective, innovative thinking is developed.

One of my goals for the artwork you will see here is that each time a person walks by one of the Joomchi pieces mounted on the beeswax surface, there will be something new to “catch the eye”. Whether it is the way a beam of light falls on a certain fold in the hanji paper or how it creates a new shadow not seen earlier that day, there is a renewed interest. Art can be the inspiration for us to feel the same sense of renewal as we solve problems and create solutions in our daily lives.





Feel free to visit the studio to watch the Joomchi process using mulberry paper.

Send PJ an email or give her a call at 719-221-3840 to set up an appointment.

Studio 126
126 1/2 F Street
Salida, CO 81201


In the Heart of the Creative District
126 1/2 F Street, Salida, CO 81201



Joomchi Series 2017-6.1

Once again, PJ Bergin from Studio 126 will be participating in the Mini-Masterpiece Auction June 23 and 24th during the Annual Salida Art Walk. The Auction is a lively event during the Art Walk where visitors clamor to bid on their favorite “4 x 4” to raise funds for the art event held each year. Pictured above is PJ’s entry created from mulberry paper and the Joomchi technique fusing the colors and creating textures.

PJ looks forward to seeing you for the exciting Art Walk in Salida!

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