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SERIES 2016-7

45 1/2″h x 39″w x 1″
© PJ Bergin

Mulberry Paper (Hanji), Bees Wax, Linen Twine, Baltic Birch


Series 2016-7 shows the opportunity for experimentation and following the artistic instinct.  “I had a vision of what I wanted this to look like when finished, but only a random idea of how to get there”, claims PJ.  There are 6 different shapes of the Hanji that make up the petals.


Joomchi is a 500-year-old Korean paper-making technique that uses water to fuse several layers of handmade mulberry papers (Hanji) together. PJ Bergin is bringing her unique artistic sensibility to this ancient medium.


Ready for Hanging, all hardware included


45 1/2"h x 39"w x 1", Fine Art Papers, Joomchi Variations