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PJ’s artwork praised by peers

I’m honored to be the featured artist in the recent Paper Connection newsletter. The owner, Lauren, and her staff are committed to preserving traditional hand paper-making and are a vital resource for artists like me. I’m grateful for their support and belief in my artwork.

Enjoy the full interview with photos.

Paper Connection is where I purchase my Hanji, a type of paper from Korea that is handmade from the fibers of the inner bark of the mulberry plant. Despite its fragile appearance, the Hanji paper is very strong, challenging common assumptions about the heft and durability of paper. During both World Wars the Korean people made clothing and water vessels from Hanji because no other material was available.

Using a time-honored technique called Joomchi, I fuse, shape and manipulate the Hanji into the sculptural artworks you see on my web site. I strive to bring my unique artistic sensibility to the Joomchi, resulting in a fresh, forward-looking interpretation of an ancient medium.