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More than just seen, art is experienced

I was lucky enough to spend five days in Manhattan recently, during which I was filled with visions of artwork I’d previously seen only in books or on the computer screen. Each night, falling asleep, my mind was awash in color, patterns, color and more color.

Often when walking through galleries and museums full of colorful artwork I feel the same types of vibrations that come from walking in the woods and hearing the voices of nature all around me. I believe that color is part of the universal energy that fuels the natural world. Through that energy, artwork is experienced, rather than just seen. Color is active and alive, enhancing our creativity and view of the world.

Experiencing original artwork in person allows us to tap into this energy, helping us become more aware of how we approach daily life and its challenges. A sense of renewal is present as we solve problems and find creative solutions as we go through our day.


I created the collage above using Hanji (mulberry paper), newsprint and comics. After soaking the paper with water, I fuse, texture and shape it. Once the piece is dry, the encaustic is added. Acrylic finishes the process to seal the surface for long life and stability. [23”h x 19”w x 2½”d – a custom metal bracket is included for easy installation] $480