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The journey of discovery continues

“We just keep moving forward … because we are curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney


It is a delight for me to read those words from a man who shaped a great part of the imaginary, visual and colorful world of my childhood. Yes, I was a member of the “Mickey Mouse Club”!

Over the past few months the word “curious” keeps popping up in front of me. Maybe that’s because I am in the studio every day exposing myself to the many new possibilities of the three elements I am combining: Hanji, encaustic and Asian calligraphy. WOW! It is exhilarating to me and a never-ending source of texture, shapes and surprise.

The sumptuous surface when the wax is dribbled onto the Hanji changes the character of the mulberry paper in a way I never could have predicted. The paper becomes translucent in some areas, while the color can literally vibrate in other places. The calligraphy is just one more layer of shapes and intrigue I add to the story.

Each day I learn more of what I am able to accomplish. I keep working, following the paths as they unfold before me. With each new discovery I become more committed to my work and what I can offer to those who view and enjoy the artwork I create.