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Series 2017-2

Color Series #1
12”h x 12”w x 2”
© PJ Bergin

Mulberry Paper (Hanji), Bees Wax, Baltic Birch


Starting with this Joomchi artwork I led myself on a new journey to be challenged in creating a group of 4 pieces (Series 2017-2 through 5), all the same size, using the same group of colors. This is often called “working in a series” in the art world. By setting up a challenge such as this, I gave myself the opportunity to explore the particular colors in depth and their relationship to each other. It is amazing now to look at these four Joomchi artworks and see how the colors behave toward each other when placed in different juxtapositions from one piece of artwork to the next. They can make an interesting grouping or stand easily on their own.

Joomchi is a 500-year-old Korean paper-making technique that uses water to fuse several layers of handmade mulberry papers (Hanji) together. PJ Bergin is bringing her unique artistic sensibility to this ancient medium.


Ready for Hanging, all hardware included


12”h x 12”w x 2”, Assemblages, Fine Art Papers