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SERIES 2016-5

16″h x 14″w x 1″
© PJ Bergin

Mulberry Paper (Hanji), Acrylic Paint, Thread, Bees Wax, Baltic Birch


With Series 2015-5 PJ tried a new technique with two layers of the Hanji folding it and slashing it in different places before the wetting and fusing process.  Series 2015-5 is two sheets of the mulberry paper fused together with lots of openings!  Acrylic paint was applied while the paper was wet and after the paper dried. For added interest bar tacks create even more dimension.  Even though the artwork and papers may look delicate, the papers are very strong and durable due to the strength of the fibrous mulberry plant.


Joomchi is a 500-year-old Korean paper-making technique that uses water to fuse several layers of handmade mulberry papers (Hanji) together. PJ Bergin is bringing her unique artistic sensibility to this ancient medium.


Ready for Hanging, all hardware included


16"h x 14"w x 1", Fine Art Papers, Joomchi Variations