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Kindred spirits

“Series 2016-21”


Recently I visited the city of Toronto. Several friends heard me refer to the trip as “getting my big-city fix.” It was also an all-important “art fix” to feed my soul. Even though I am lucky to have a number of kindred spirits here in Salida who are either artists or affiliated with the art world, there is nothing like visiting a major metropolis for a fresh jolt of creative energy.

I was able to view work by various seminal artists, including the pop art graffiti of Keith Haring and the sculpture of Henry Moore.

“Large Two Forms” by Henry Moore

As is often the case, seeing art in person reinforced the feeling that I am a part of a larger community, each of us striving to communicate through the media most familiar to us. Sometimes the message is clear and direct. Other times it is left to the viewer’s interpretation.

One quote from a Georgia O’Keefe exhibit left me thinking of my own path: “To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage.” To that I would add the word “tenacity.”

First and foremost I create to satisfy my inner needs. That said, once I complete a new Joomchi artwork and each interconnected piece of mulberry paper is dried, positioned and mounted to my liking, I can’t wait to share the finished piece with others. My hope is that it will be as uplifting and enjoyable to viewers as it was to me during the creation process.

In an earlier blog I wrote about the inner drive to create. While taking in Toronto’s art scene, I experienced a similar feeling of connection. My fellow artists inspire me to continue doing what I do and to have the courage and tenacity to follow my vision. I’m grateful to have them — and you — on this journey with me.