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Keep it simple

“Resurrection” by Alma Thomas


Before starting a Joomchi piece, I usually spend several days thinking about how I want the artwork to come together. Inspiration can strike when I least expect it, but once a direction catches my attention I am usually very enthusiastic to get in the studio. There are times, though, when my enthusiasm can get me in trouble.

Let me explain. When I complete an artwork, the overall effect should appear effortless. However, if I try to incorporate too many ideas into a single piece it can start to look like there is no theme or direction. As the ideas keep proliferating when I work, I have to remind myself to “keep it simple.”

Alma Thomas must have followed this same mantra. A painter who lived in the early to mid-20th century, Thomas used dabs of paint to create abstract compositions that are eye-catching and joyful. While her paintings may seem simple at first, there is a great deal of skill to her technique.

By leaving just enough white space between the bright colors, she gives each hue a greater intensity. Her use of mosaic patterns stimulates visual interest by keeping the eye moving across the canvas. When I look at her paintings I experience a feeling of calmness and simplicity that is refreshing in this world of over-stimulation.

Lately, Alma Thomas has been gaining recognition for the unique body of work she has brought to Abstract Expressionism. One of her earlier paintings was even installed in the Dining Room of the White House.

There are many artists who inspire me. Alma Thomas’ unique approach to her work aligns with my goal of using colors and the abstract form to attract and appeal to audiences interested in contemporary, abstract artwork.