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PJ’s artwork praised by peers

I'm honored to be the featured artist in the recent Paper Connection newsletter. The owner, Lauren, and her staff are committed to preserving traditional hand paper-making and are a vital resource for artists like me. I'm grateful for their support and belief in my artwork. Enjoy...

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Making my mark

Following up on my blog post from earlier this month, I mentioned one of my goals for August is to further my exploration of Asian calligraphy. To that end, I recently returned from three days of intensive study with a master brush painter. The first day...

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August: month of the curious child

After two back-to-back shows earlier this summer, August finds me in a curious mood. I've spent the past several months focused on creating new artwork based on the Joomchi techniques shown on my website and past exhibitions. The confidence I gained producing that volume of...

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From no visual interest to spectacular!

Last weekend opened my eyes, again, to what I sometimes take for granted when working with the Hanji paper. Yes, as noted in my video Magic from Mulberry, the paper looks quite mundane and even boring when I first bring it out of the box...

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PJ Bergin working in her studio

The joy of working with natural materials

In my last post I wrote about the strength and flexibility of the Hanji paper. Made from the mulberry plant, Hanji is extremely durable and long-lasting by nature. These properties are what make it such an intriguing medium to use for contemporary artwork. When I create...

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My New Year has already started!

After a challenging year physically, I am gradually finding my way back into the studio to work on the projects that have been in my head for way too long. It is the opportunity I have been waiting for to experiment with new materials. I will...

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