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August: month of the curious child

After two back-to-back shows earlier this summer, August finds me in a curious mood. I've spent the past several months focused on creating new artwork based on the Joomchi techniques shown on my website and past exhibitions. The confidence I gained producing that volume of...

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What’s in a name?

The visitors to my show at Pinon Real Estate Gallery for Salida’s annual Art Walk were numerous and lively. It was heartwarming for me to see how engaged they were, taking the time to really LOOK at the Joomchi artwork. There was a genuine interest...

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PJ's Mola Wall

Shapes and colors, colors and shapes

My computer desk sits in a room adjacent to my studio. This was a conscious choice. When I am creating my Joomchi artwork, I don't want to be distracted by email or social media. When I am at my computer, however, a little distraction and...

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Keep it simple

"Resurrection" by Alma Thomas   Before starting a Joomchi piece, I usually spend several days thinking about how I want the artwork to come together. Inspiration can strike when I least expect it, but once a direction catches my attention I am usually very enthusiastic to get...

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A message home

Last week I completed Series 2016-21. While I expected this work to be finished weeks ago, the universe – as it often does — had other plans for me. Originally I intended to use the Joomchi techniques of slashing, crimping and manipulating the mulberry paper...

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The unstoppable urge

“Being an artist is not a profession; it’s an existence — an unstoppable urge to do the work, with no explanation.” – Christo As you probably know, Christo is the installation artist famous for wrapping public places in fabric. He made the statement above while visiting...

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Arkansas River

Where I find inspiration

While looking over my Joomchi artwork recently, an art consultant asked me where I get my inspiration. It took me a few seconds to think of a response. Certainly the show at the Denver Art Museum (mentioned in my last post) was a huge inspiration,...

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I am an Abstract Expressionist

"Fire" – 1961, oil paint on canvas, by Helen Frankenthaler (1928-2011) • In the past I have usually called myself a contemporary abstract artist. Well, no more. After spending several hours in the Denver Art Museum recently, I will now describe myself as an Abstract Expressionist. The show...

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From no visual interest to spectacular!

Last weekend opened my eyes, again, to what I sometimes take for granted when working with the Hanji paper. Yes, as noted in my video Magic from Mulberry, the paper looks quite mundane and even boring when I first bring it out of the box...

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