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August: month of the curious child

After two back-to-back shows earlier this summer, August finds me in a curious mood. I’ve spent the past several months focused on creating new artwork based on the Joomchi techniques shown on my website and past exhibitions. The confidence I gained producing that volume of work has inspired me to explore some new techniques while continuing to work within the traditional Joomchi process.

I am also excited to further my study of Asian calligraphy.

To this end I am designating August as “experiment” month in Studio 126! I am collecting new materials – including various papers that are not made from the mulberry plant – and creating small collages to see how different media can work with the Hanji to achieve what I am now envisioning.

Mounting the artwork with beeswax will also be part of the process. Is there value to add some color to the background? Are there any other textures I can weave in to add more depth and dimension? This is what the “experiment” month will be about: new discoveries and answers to lingering questions.